‘God spoke clearly to me’

From 1-3 March 2022, more than 1,500 leaders  gathered for our National Leadership Conference in Harrogate.

We worshipped, asked the Spirit to meet with us, heard challenging teaching, shared prophetic words and pictures, prayed for each other and networked with others. Here are some stories:

‘Something important shifted’

I came to the conference on the Tuesday feeling worn out, dry, cynical, & disengaged. Helping with church leadership and preaching isn’t my full time work and I’ve spent the last 18 months starting and running a business. It’s been liberating and rewarding in its own way but it’s taken a lot out of me. When Glenn Packiam spoke on Tuesday night and pointed to the words of Jesus asking, “Do you love me?” something important shifted. What I realised is that in that time (especially the last 6 months) I’ve been pushing on in my own strength, neglecting my Bible reading and prayer time. Simply put, I’d run out of fuel. So from now on it’s Jesus first. Before the planning. Before the meetings. Before everything. Thank you for the experience of last few days. I badly needed it!’ Richard

‘I felt encouraged & humbled’

‘I’m a children’s leader and at the Conference I felt closer to God than I have for years, and encouraged that he has set me on this path and can use my weaknesses for His glory. God spoke clearly to me through many of the speakers, and confirmed what I thought He was already saying to me about my personal faith and my ministry. I felt encouraged and humbled in equal measure! The teaching in the Workshop I attended helped me to fall in love with the Spirit all over again.’ Millie

‘I’m returning home inspired’

‘It was a real joy to share the time with so many lovely fellow Christians. I’m returning home inspired to serve our community from the strength of drawing on the joy of knowing God’s glory. My Mum died in December 2020 from Covid. During the conference it was as if God drew back the veil into heaven – and allowed me to see a vision of her standing before the Lamb of God, glorified in Christ and radiant from pure joyous worship. In the vision she looked herself, only like the younger self that was free from the pain and suffering caused by illness in the latter years of her life. Seeing her transfigured in glory like this was both awesome and humbling. I was left breathless and moved to tears. God is good!’ Darren

‘I had completely lost myself’

‘Coming to the National Leadership Conference was a last ditch attempt to understand the black hole I am in, church-wise. I didn’t really expect to hear God’s voice because I felt I had lost my connection. By the end of day one, I had recognised the ‘earworms’ of fear & failure I was carrying, understood I had become so enmeshed in my church I had completely lost myself & that made sense of my current total sense of detachment – I had retreated from the weight of expectation of others & of myself. I realised that I had misinterpreted my original call, having always believed it was to the Church in support of whoever was the leader. I now see that my call was to develop a relationship with Jesus, not the Church!’ Jackie

‘I was filled with the Holy Spirit’

‘I was delivered and healed of a critical spirit. I knew there was something wrong. Over the years I and my girls had been hurt by the Church. I said I’d forgiven when really it was just going deeper and tormenting me to the point I was critisizing the body of Christ and others. When Anne Calver spoke about the critical spirit, I put my hand up and people started praying for me. Tears started pouring from me. I could feel it coming right from my stomach. Then I was filled with the Holy Spirit and healing along with a spirit of blessing.’ Michelle

Our next National Leadership Conference is 28 February – 2 March 2023 at Harrogate Convention Centre. Find out more here.