‘I experienced God in completely new ways’

This summer saw the launch of Sixty One, a brand new gathering for students and young adults run in partnership with Fusion. Here’s what some of those who came thought of it:

‘I was truly changed and transformed’

‘I loved the range of speakers and leaders involved – kept a real variety. The speakers were all insanely good. Loved the mix and range of worship leaders too. The whole Isaiah 61 thing was amazing and set a real tone. I loved the freedom this weekend brought and felt Pete Hughes really kicked this off on the first night. Thank you for a blessed time! I was truly changed and transformed as a result.’ Carys

‘I experienced God in completely new ways’

‘I honestly had an amazing time. I can’t believe it was only three days because so much happened and I experienced God in completely new ways. I felt a constant joy and excitement for what God has planned for me more than I have before.’ Will

‘It was one of the first times I felt God speaking to me’

‘Before Sixty One, I was unsure where my faith was at or if it was all worth it. I had so much happen over a short space of time that I didn’t know where to turn and felt nobody understood, not even God and I was blaming him for it happening. I never really understood prophetic words or felt they were for me. At Sixty One, a couple of people came and prayed with me in the meetings. I was amazed by what was said as it was so true to how I was feeling. It was one of the first times I truly felt God speaking to me through other people. I also felt that throughout the weekend I kept hearing a voice saying, ‘Come back to me. I am here waiting for you.’ This weekend has been such an encouragement to me. I want to rebuild and grow my relationship with God. I understand that he is there, I need to keep trusting him and that he will guide me in tough times. He is waiting and always wanting to welcome people into the Kingdom!’ Charlotte

‘I grew in my relationship with God’

‘Thank you for the hard work put into the planning and running of Sixty One! Everyone I know that went had an amazing time. The sung worship was my favourite time – thank you for encouraging us to move forwards and find space to worship in 🙂 The ministry times were powerful and I grew in my relationship with God. The variety and quality of speakers was incredible and it was so good to hear different people interviewed in each session. I loved how each venue had it’s own theme. I really enjoyed Sixty One and have continued to spend time with God and carry on with the practices I picked up while there such as consistent Bible reading and prayer.’ Esther

‘I can’t believe what God can do in four days’

‘One student who came to Sixty One had only been at church for a few weeks. She’d attended church when she was younger but not found one while at university in Reading. On the opening night she was filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time. On the second day she was prophesying over people. On the third day she was prayed for and given a prophetic word for what’s next. It’s been a beautiful thing to see. She then found a church group from Reading and connected with them so she could join them when she went back to university in September! She turned to me on the last morning and said, ‘I can’t believe what God can do in four days!’