Pray for children’s and youth leaders and volunteers

As our churches return, we’ve discovered that it’s to a new normal!

Many ministries are having to adapt, new volunteers are having to be found and in the midst of it all are the wonderful children’s, youth and families leaders and volunteers, supporting and encouraging parents and carers.

In what is still a very strange season, please join us as we pray for children’s, youth and families leaders as they seek to equip, encourage and resource the parents and carers in their churches and communities.

Pray for God’s wisdom as they work out what their ministries with children, young people and families look like in the foreseeable future, and that they should find the team to help them to that.

Pray that they will be able to rebuild connections with families in their churches and communities and know how to encourage and support them in this season.

Pray that they will be able to reconnect other children’s, youth and families leaders, to learn from each other and support each other. Thank God for the gift of Zoom, which has enabled so much new connection over the past year, but also now for the opportunity to meet face to face again.

Pray for churches who are experimenting with intergenerational worship, that it should be a wonderful journey of discovery and fruitfulness.

Pray for churches who are looking to appoint children’s, youth or families leaders, that God will bring them the right people for the job.

Pray for churches who are running the Parenting for Faith course, that it speaks deeply to parents and carers who attend, and equips them to better parent their children for faith.

Pray for the team at Parenting for Faith, that God will show us what churches need from us now, and in the future as we plan and deliver training for children, youth and families leaders, particularly the monthly Facebook Live webinars and the Cliff College Certificate in Parenting for Faith.