Pray for church leaders caring for families

As we hope and pray that soon we will be able to be fully together again, please join Parenting for Faith as we pray specifically for church leaders as they love and lead the families in their congregations.

Thank God for the love and commitment of our church leaders.

Pray for church leaders’ own health and strength as they face this strange transition season.

Pray too that as they and their teams plan and pray for the future, God will help them discern what of their pandemic ministry to keep and what to discard as they work out their vision for working with families, children and young people.

Pray for God’s guidance for how to transition families, youth and children back into church well, particularly in the in-between season where some families may be present in person while others are joining in online.

Pray for them as they envision and resource their volunteer teams, that God will raise up the right people to serve.

Pray that Parenting for Faith’s resources may be of help as they seek to encourage and equip the parents and carers in their churches to disciple their children well, particularly the Parenting for Faith course, and the new resources for parents and carers of babies and toddlers.

Pray for church leaders who are also parents and carers, that they can juggle the demands of work and family well so that their children feel connected, prioritised, free to be themselves and empowered to go on their own journeys of faith; and that our Parenting as a Church Leader courses are helpful for those who attend.