Pray for justice for children being exploited online

Our partner IJM invite you to pray with them for justice for victims of trafficking.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, risks of online sexual exploitation of children have risen sharply.

Sex offenders, including in the UK, are paying traffickers in places like the Philippines to abuse children live over the internet. IJM, police and partners are working hard to bring children to safety.

Ruby, a survivor of online sexual exploitation, knows the power of prayer. Exploited at 15 and locked in with her traffickers, she was forced to perform “shows” for men watching online. She shared her story:

11th July – I thought would be my last day alive.  I was shouting for help after I heard a police siren.

The household helper threatened me with a knife. I retreated to the bathroom and screamed, “God, if you’re real, take me out of here!” 

The very next day that prayer was answered. I was rescued, with five other girls, and my traffickers were arrested.

Pray for Ruby, and that IJM and police can bring more children like her to safety.

Pray for IJM’s work to engage global governments, law enforcement and NGOs in tackling this crime.

Pray for proposed legislation in the UK that could help to prevent online sexual exploitation of children.

Could you give 10 minutes a month to pray with IJM, until all are free?

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