Strong Foundations

Strong Foundations is a 12-week course for anyone involved in children’s ministry whether full time, part time, paid or volunteer. It consists of 12 sessions and features familiar faces Rachel Turner, Rick Otto, Jude Barber, and others bringing teaching, tips and encouragements to help you grow and develop in your ministry.

We hope that as you watch the sessions, you’ll grow in the values and vision you see at United and on New Wine Online and take them and innovate something unique, special and needed in your local context with the children you’re called to minister with.

We want to, over the 12 sessions, explore together what children’s ministry can look like in your context. We want to come alongside you and give you what we’ve learned on our journey. We want to give you tools to accomplish the vision that God has given you.

We pray that this Course will empower and equip you to feel confident to step into all that God has called you to in your local church context.