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Network Map

Below, you can access “The Who and Where” of the Leadership Network in England.

Zoom in and move around the map using the tools on the left of the map. Using the tools on the right select your area and see what network groups are active and what churches hold New Wine vision and values

If there is not a network group near you, please get in touch at cln@new-wine.org

Our Aims

We are a network of church leaders working together to see churches renewed, strengthened and others planted, living out the Word of God in every aspect of life, serving God by reaching the lost, broken and poor, demonstrating the good news of the kingdom of God to all.

For local churches to change nations we need to work together with all those in leadership in and through the church.

We recognise the differences within leadership roles and want to provide you with the best support in your role.

We want to help:

  1. Senior church leaders and those in and considering training for this role.
  2. Those who have other leadership roles in the church.

If helping the two categories above New Wine can help model effective leadership to all in their local churches who also have vocational or other leadership roles outside the church, then we may impact society with a reflection of Jesus.

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We want to

  • Network church leaders by providing local opportunities for their teams to meet together for transformational teaching, worship and ministry, and to develop intentional accountable relationships with others who share their values.
  • Link churches in geographical or ministry areas to share our experience, and to work collaboratively in joint activities (such as training days, faith-sharing visits, joint celebration services etc).
  • Develop future leaders by providing specifically for the Church’s future leadership across the country, and helping to recruit and deploy leaders with New Wine values.
  • Work together in mission to encourage bold and creative expressions of church to reach the un-reached.

"We have benefited greatly from receiving teaching and encouragement from New Wine leaders/speakers when we gather for Spirit-led worship, teaching, ministry and fellowship. We value the opportunity to meet".