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Staying connected

Our Churches are no longer allowed to open. Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected to support, encourage and resource each other as God reveals new ways to share the gospel, worship, pray and come alongside our communities. If you, or leaders you know, haven't registered for the Leadership Network you can do so below

Contact your Regional Team for support, guidance and the latest on what's happening in your area

Go to our Useful info & downloads for resources, support and advice for you to use and share. Over the coming weeks we will be adding to this page, including all the talks from our recent Leadership Conference, so keep checking back. 

If you’re on twitter, you can stay connected with your fellow leaders via the New Wine Leadership Network twitter feed

There’s also a couple of new region Facebook groups to help church leaders to stay connected more locally. Share what works, seek what’s needed. You can upload videos and links to your upcoming area gatherings, worship sessions, and other live stream events to help encourage and resource others near you.

The North East & Yorkshire, and the North West

London & the South East


Who we are together

We are a network of people leading churches and ministries that long to see the nation changed, truly believing this will occur through the Gospel of Jesus being spoken and lived out through the local Church.

The Leadership Network is about who we are as much as what we do. Together we commit to support the spiritual renewal of local church leaders and the equipping of everyone on their Kingdom frontline

A network of practitioners (leaders leading leaders) committed to equipping all leaders at every level of the Church’s life and for every sphere of culture. Leaders who already have, or desire to have, a culture of Kingdom charismatic theology, willing to give away as much as we have received; 

  • Training in the spiritual gifts for the sake of mission 
  • A right balance of word and spirit
  • Every member ministry
  • Presence shaped worship 
  • The simplicity of waiting on the spirit with expectation
  • Relational generosity with who we are

What we do together

  • Practitioner led training & resources that focus on supporting you and your teams in taking your church into renewal
  • Support and mentoring for all leaders, including those in training and especially our next generation, all led or instigated by experienced practitioners
  • A relentless desire and commitment to not only support the spiritual renewal of existing churches, but of new churches and pioneering communities across all denominations.

 Learn about Leaders in Training 




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Area Gatherings Map

The map highlights all of the Leadership Network area gatherings in England.

Using the tools on the right, search for the gatherings happening in your area. Using the tools on the left, zoom in and move around the map.

If there no gatherings listed near you, please get in touch with your regional team. Their contact details can be found HERE

"We have benefited greatly from receiving teaching and encouragement from New Wine leaders/speakers when we gather for Spirit-led worship, teaching, ministry and fellowship. We value the opportunity to meet".