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X-Cavate! Is a brand new curriculum for New Wine Kids, covering all our rock-themed groups.

This curriculum resource is especially for Gems (0-2s) and Pebbles (3-4s). We are passionate about seeing children of all ages digging deeper for God’s treasure- not just at New Wine gatherings, but throughout the year too.

We want to share with YOU, the ideas, resources, and vision God has given New Wine Kids, so that you can go on an exciting expedition with your kids group to X-Cavate all the treasure God has for each of you!

There is no better way to start X-Cavate! than by launching it with the youngest members of your church-pre-schoolers. Yes, you know, all those screaming babies and snotty toddlers who are NOT at school yet! Don’t they deserve to dig deep and find God’s treasure in a fun, interactive, and Spirit-filled way, which could transform their lives forever? This resource is like no other you’ve seen before.

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