‘The most exciting week our church has ever had’

Stories from some of you who joined in with United Breaks Out, whether in your living rooms, churches or quarantine hotel rooms!

‘We both cried’
My 10-year-old son Peter has been watching the United Kids sessions. This morning was the first time I watched with him. We had a precious time of worship together and it was so special that I was there when there was the chance for kids to pray for grown-ups. He prayed for me, and I was able to encourage him by letting him know God had heard his prayer for me to feel his peace and love. Then the leader said he had a name from God – Peter. He said that he felt Peter was disappointed that he had not heard God speaking to him but that this was God speaking to him and saying He loves him. My son started to laugh and cry and said, “I think that’s me.” He has wrestled over the years with this issue of feeling he doesn’t hear from God and has asked me to pray for him on previous occasions that he would hear God speak to him. This moment was very special – we both cried. Thank you kids leaders, for your faith, boldness and service.
Claire and Peter, Carlisle

‘We can’t do anything by ourselves’
Thank you so much for Lauren Windle’s honesty about addiction in her talk this morning. I have been clean for the last 35 years and what she said resonated with me on so many different levels. We are all recovering addicts – none of us have arrived. The idea of not striving is so important. We can’t do anything by ourselves but with God’s help – we can. Thank you so much for being brave enough to invite her to speak.
Deborah, West Norwood

‘We know God is in it with us’
We’re expat teachers living in Bangkok, but come back to the UK each summer and come to United every year with Greyfriars Church in Reading. We missed it last year, not only because it wasn’t on, but Thailand was locked down so we couldn’t get out of the country. We did get back this summer to the UK for 6 weeks and flew home last Saturday. However getting COVID-tested on our return to Thailand our two daughters (9 and 11) picked up COVID. We’re currently separated for 14 nights isolation, Kristen with the girls in hospital and Katie on her own in an isolation hotel. All very grim, but we know God is in it with us. The girls are watching the live 5-11 sessions. Our youngest said last night – it’s not quite as good as being there but still amazing! Thank you for blessing us in this lockdown. It’s just what we need and so powerful!
Kristen & Katie Meadows in Bangkok

‘He is so hungry to learn more about Jesus’
N started working with CAP a few months ago. He’d come from a world of addiction and crime. His ex-partner had stopped him seeing his two sons. Now in a dry house, in regular AA and NA meetings, and part of our church community, N has given his life to Jesus and is literally a new creation. A work in progress, he is so hungry to learn more about Jesus, and help wherever he can in the church community. I reminded him last night about United Breaks Out. His two sons, who he now sees every week, have been enjoying the kids stream! He’s been on the Impact stream and just loving it. What transformation in this family. Thank you God!
A CAP Centre Manager

‘It has been so fulfilling, uplifting and vital’
7 years ago we went to United for the first time as delegates. Within the first few hours we were blown away at the presence of God. For the next four years we served in the Arena as part of the Welcome Team. Although welcoming 6,000 people is tiring we were SO BLESSED by our Lord. We fell in love with New Wine. United Breaks Out has been so fulfilling, uplifting and vital. We have learnt SO much. And with New Wine Online we are excited to know that we will now be able to get our New Wine feed daily and weekly throughout the coming year. Peterborough we’re coming to see you next year! God bless you New Wine for changing our lives.
Martin Handford, St Kea, Truro

‘We’ve welcomed new families into church’
This has been the most exciting week our church has ever had! We are in a small, rural church with no children’s, youth or family worker. As soon as we heard about United Breaks Out we decided to show sessions in church. We managed to muster 3 volunteers to help (me, the vicar and our church administrator). We planned for about 5-10 kids but had 20 some mornings. We’ve welcomed new families into church, had coffee in the church yard with passers by, grown our youth group, children have heard God speak to them, young people have given testimony that they physically felt the presence of God and have received answers to prayer.
Kirsty Mauritz, West Sussex

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