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New Wine Family AR App


The 2021 New Wine Family AR App – DOWNLOAD NOW!

Building on the fun of the New Wine Family AR 2020 app, we have worked with Missional Generation to create new and exciting content for 2021. 5-11s can experience the story and life of Moses through games and animations. The app explores how God was at work in the life of Moses and how he wants to be at work in our lives today. We have created animations of the Little Family who will explore the daily themes and provide space for kids to encounter the Holy Spirit.

Every day, we will unlock new material in the 5-11s section of the app that links with the live stream theme of the day. Over the event, we will explore six themes that link to key events in Moses’ life:

Rescue – Moses in the basket

Respond – The burning bush

Reveal – The plagues

Release – The parting and crossing of the Red Sea

Restore – Building the tabernacle

Rebuild – The 10 Commandments

New for 2021, we have created daily animated episodes of the Little Family. These help 5-11s to reflect on the games and explore the Bible story giving opportunity to grow in their personal faith and to encounter the Holy Spirit.

We would love to see older siblings, parents and the wider family joining with children to explore the story of Moses and what it tells us about our amazing God.

Also within the app, you will find new audio sessions aimed at grown-ups exploring how to parent for faith.

How to download the app

Visit your app store and search ‘New Wine Family AR’ and click on the button to download. We recommend downloading the app using Wi-Fi. Follow the onscreen instructions and enable items as requested.

How to use the app

When you launch the app, you will be given onscreen instructions to help you navigate through the games and animation episodes.

If using the Augmented Reality version of the app, please play in a bright and spacious area making sure that you are clear of any obstacles.

Come back every day of the event to find the newly unlocked games and animations.

Non AR version of the app

Some phones will not have Augmented Reality compatibility but you will still be able to enjoy non-AR versions of the games. If you have an Android phone without AR capability, your phone will try to send you to Google Play when you launch the app. Instead of doing this, click the device’s back button (found on the bottom left hand side of your screen) to launch the non-AR version of the games.

Content, Creative Direction & Project Management by Missional Generation along with the Illustrations and animations created by Missional Generation.