Leadership Network

New Wine’s Leadership Network exists to equip church leaders to disciple confident, Spirit-filled congregations that bring transformation to local communities.

Our mission to see the nation brought back to Jesus, one life at a time, places you – the church leader – on the front line for the Kingdom.  We know that this can be a daunting and sometimes isolating calling.  We are a network of practitioners intent on empowering you through every season of church life, that you might see more of the Holy Spirit at work in your community.




Joining is simple. Fill in the form using the button above and one of our team will be in touch.  From there you will have access to:


Safe spaces to worship, learn, be encouraged and receive ministry in the power of the Spirit alongside your peers. There are opportunities for mentoring and putting our spiritual gifts into practice. Each network gathering is different, giving local expression New Wine’s values. Contact your networks@new-wine.org to find the gathering nearest to you.


Churches across the country host these New Wine celebrations throughout the year! Local churches come together for extended worship, teaching and ministry in the power of the Spirit. If you are interested in hosting or attending a local celebration, contact networks@new-wine.org. Even better, contact other leaders who could help you run a celebration first!


If you discern a particular need in the discipleship of your church family (for example, engaging with the prophetic or developing prayer ministry) , training can be facilitated by the New Wine network in your local context.


Whether for your own discipleship and leadership development, or as a teaching resource for your church family, New Wine Online features content exclusively for members of the leadership network.  Click below to learn more.


A space at our festival hosted by our Leadership Network team, facilitating connection, prayer and support. All church leaders welcome!

What do leaders say?

  • "I personally love catching up with friends, celebrating where God is at work and praying through the frustrations and discouragements we face together."

    Leadership Network Member
  • "I love being a part of an Area Gathering. It's like an oasis where I can drink deeply, be filled and get ready to keep serving my church."

    Leadership Network Member
  • "The worship is often a distinctive brand of leaders encountering God, unencumbered by the need to lead. I’ve also really valued the breadth of teaching from wise leaders who have encouraged us in so many ways"

    Leadership Network Member
  • “I certainly value a space where I can worship and be prayed for as a leader amongst equals”

    Leadership Network Member

By joining the New Wine Leadership Network, you are standing with us in declaring that:

  • you want to see more Spirit-filled disciples released through your local church
  • you choose to join our culture of generosity, committed to stewarding the resources God has given you generously. This could include:

Sharing – coming alongside other local churches to share what God has taught you, and telling stories of what He is doing

Prayer – praying regularly for the mission of New Wine, releasing Spirit-filled disciples through the local church and bringing this nation back under the kingship of Jesus

Giving – partnering with us financially and investing in seeing more Spirit-renewed churches transform this nation





Ministry Streams

Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training

This Ministry Stream exists specifically for Leaders in Training for church leadership, to meet together to pray, share practical resources and support each other as we grow together in ministry.

Church Planting & Pioneering

You’re a Christian today because somebody planted the church where you worship. Church planting is one of the most effective mission strategies and we encourage and support opportunities to pioneer new expressions of church.

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