Terms and Conditions for Advertisers, Exhibitors and Sponsors

  1. All New Wine advertisers/exhibitors/sponsors must be aligned with New Wine’s vision and values. New Wine reserve the right to undertake all available checks to ensure that advertisers’ religious doctrines and practices comply with the teaching of the Christian Church. Any advertising not aligning with New Wine’s vision and values will be removed. The booking fee may not be returned.

  1. Registered charities should be in good standing with the Charity Commission. New Wine cannot accept potential advertisers who may be in dispute with the Commission or under investigation until a positive outcome can be proven.

  1. If advertisers are not affiliated with an established Christian denomination, they must be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the Christian faith.


  1. Once confirmed, the full sponsorship/exhibiting/advertising costs must be paid before the deadline communicated. Non-payment before the deadline will result in your application being cancelled.

  1. Specific stand locations are selected as part of the application process. Once a stand has been booked, the stand is longer available to select. New Wine is not able to accommodate requests for booked stands.

  1. The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring everything filled out in the application form is correct and up-to-date.

  1. All adverts on the stand must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and not contravene any of the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

  1. Two free transferable tickets are given for each manned stand size 2m x 2m or 2.5m x 2.5m.

  1. For Exhibitors who would like their family to attend United, tickets are available to purchase through our booking system. All under 18-year-olds must have a responsible adult (18 years or older) on site who is not serving on a Team or as a Stand representative.

  1. New Wine reserve the right to make further enquiries of any stand representative to deem suitability to exhibit.

  1. Exhibitors may only sell, sublet, advertise or share spare with any other organisation with prior written consent from New Wine.

  1. New Wine will provide floor space as requested; no shell scheme or wall space is provided.

  1. The exhibitor is responsible for knowing and approving the people attending the stand during the period they have booked to exhibit.

  1. Tables and chairs can be pre-booked using the application form. New Wine cannot accommodate requests made on the day of the event.

  1. St Andrews Bookshop has the sole franchise for selling books, CDs and resources at all New Wine events. Any products sold by St Andrews Bookshop cannot be sold on your stand during the period they have booked to exhibit.

  1. The exhibitor must contact New Wine 30 days before the event if they are considering selling books/CDs at their stand.

  1. The stand cost does not include food passes. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to accommodate food for their team.

  1. All stand representatives on-site must always have a valid event pass. Transferable passes (included in the cost of your booking) are valid for one person at any time.

  1. All exhibitors must complete their camping requirements (camping/size of tent/camping with a church etc.) via the New Wine booking system. A link will be provided once your application has been accepted. This must be completed by 1 June 2023. New Wine cannot guarantee camping space after this date. If the exhibitor is staying off-site, no action is needed regarding accommodation.

  1. All stand representatives must be over 18 years of age.

  1. New Wine reserves the right to relocate or remove stands, close or move entrances and exits and adjust stands before and during the event.

  1. The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that any non-UK citizen holds the correct Visa to undertake this role. New Wine does not take on any employment responsibilities for exhibitors.

  1. Exhibitors must take all reasonable steps to confirm that stand representatives are suitable and behaviour to attend this family event and are not disqualified by any illegal activity. All exhibitors must be reference checked before arriving on site. New Wine reserve the right to refuse admission to stand representatives and carry out spot checks to ensure these conditions have been met.

  1. Exhibitors may not begin dismantling before the time communicated.

  1. The stands must be manned during opening hours of the Resource Hub except for specified ‘Unmanned’ Stands. If a stand is not being manned, New Wine reserves the right to dismantle and remove the stand. No refund will be made.

  1. New Wine cannot accommodate early delivery of stand items, and items should only be left behind for collection once you have left the event. New Wine will not be responsible for anything left behind that has been disposed of.

  1. New Wine reserve the right to refuse or revoke the exhibitor’s rights to be on-site at any time. The exhibitor’s stand will need to be packed away and closed. New Wine will refund the fee, or part of, as appropriate.

  1. It is not compulsory but recommended that each stand representative wears a name badge with the stand representative’s name, organisation name and the organisation logo visible.

  1. New Wine reserve the right to use photography, audio or visual recordings of your stand and representatives for communication and marketing purposes.

  1. No photography or filming of the delegates is allowed without permission from New Wine and without permission from the delegates being photographed if at a close distance. If the delegate is under 18, the parental guardian must be asked for permission.

  1. Exhibitors are not permitted to use the United App for Marketing purposes.

  1. Exhibitors must adhere to the volume levels New Wine staff and volunteers regulate.

  1. All exhibitors are solely responsible for purchasing relevant licenses for music or copyrighted materials played or used in their exhibit.

  1. New Wine will not be held liable for any theft, lost or missing items. The exhibitor is responsible for having adequate insurance or a system for removing valuable items when the stand is unmanned.

  1. At United, stands must be completely set up, and exhibitors must be ready to attend the Resource Hub meeting on the first day of each week at a time specified in the advance information provided before the event.

  1. Leafleting or canvasing for sign-ups outside your stand area is strictly prohibited. Aggressive or overzealous leafletting and canvassing for delegates will not be tolerated. In the case of young people under 18 years old, they can instigate a request to sign up with an Exhibitor themselves, but Exhibitors should not directly target them to sign up for anything unless asked. The New Wine staff and volunteers can confiscate leaflets or ask an exhibitor to cease or modify an activity if deemed inappropriate.

  1. All storage space, stand furnishings, and exhibits must be confined to the area booked unless the exhibitor has paid for extra storage space.

  1. The exhibitor is responsible for sending over a copy of their Risk Assessment document to complete the application form. If New Wine has yet to receive the Risk Assessment from the exhibitor before the deadline, New Wine reserves the right to refuse admission to stand representatives.

  1. Exhibitors are prohibited from sticking anything onto any of the walls.

  1. Exhibitors are responsible for providing and removing all necessary furnishings.

  1. At United, each stand has one 13-amp power supply. If the total loading of the electrical equipment exceeds 13 amps, an extra point must be purchased. Kettles, irons or electrical items generating heat are not permitted.

  1. At United, exhibitors cannot take chairs and tables from other places.

  1. Exhibitors must provide adequate accreditation if they sell products labelled ‘Ethical, Organic, Fairtrade, Fair for Life, etc.

  1. Any damage caused to the property at Kent Event Centre by the exhibitor will need to be covered by the exhibitor.

  1. New Wine is not responsible for any damage caused to the stand/stand equipment/merchandise due to weather-related incidents.

  1. The exhibitor must leave the stand space as they found it. Nothing must be left after the event has finished.

  1. Showcase seminars and Sofa sessions must remain within the allocated time. New Wine has the right to stop the session if it exceeds the time frame.

  1. Showcase seminars and Sofa sessions must align with the visions and values of New Wine. New Wine has the right to cut short any session that does not.


  1. The exhibitor is fully responsible for safely assembling the stall and the maintenance during the event. The exhibitor is responsible for the health and safety of unloading and reloading stand equipment to make sure it is done risk-free.

  1. New Wine requires the exhibitor to complete a full risk assessment document, which the exhibitor should complete and have available on site. This should ensure the safety of the team and the delegates and not infringe on the venue’s safety. New Wine has the right to complete a risk assessment of any stalls during the event and implement changes due to safety issues.

  1. The exhibitor is responsible for their stand’s health and safety compliance and for each stand representative.

  1. All electrical equipment must have a current PAT certificate and comply with safety requirements; this includes laptops.

  1. The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that their stand space is always safe.

  1. The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that their stand and anything related to it, including all merchandise, meet with current Health and Safety legislation.

  1. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to comply with any requests from New Wine representatives which are given to ensure the safety of the venue. This includes but is not limited to ensuring that all trailing cables are taped to the ground and that no item can cause an obstruction in a gangway, block a fire exit or cause any other hazard.

  1. Exhibitors must have public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5m. A copy will need to be produced on-site at United. New Wine cannot be held responsible for any damage, theft or loss of equipment or stock owned or loaned to exhibitors.

  1. Exhibition stands must stay in the dimensions applied for and cannot go over the space. Please remain in the allocated space to avoid eviction with no refund.


  1. Full Payment is due when your application for United has been approved. Full payment must be paid by 1 June 2023. If full payment is not received by this time, New Wine reserves the right to re-sell the stand space. New Wine reserve the right to apply a 10% surcharge to any payment made after 1 June 2023.

  1. If an exhibitor can only attend for one week at United, a limited number of one-week stands are available at a discounted rate, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. For exhibitors in the Resource Hub who are retailing products (taking payments for products at the event), in addition to the cost of any incidentals hired (e.g. chairs, tables, electrical supply), you will be charged the price of the exhibition space or 17.5% of your sales whichever is higher. If you are registered for VAT, 17.5% will be charged against your net sales. Retailers are expected to disclose weekly takings straight after United to aid verification and administration. Retailers are also required to record income in as much detail as possible and, ideally, to provide till receipts or similar records. Confirmed figures must be submitted by 30 August 2023, with full payment due by 5 October 2023.

  1. VAT will be charged for exhibitors. VAT will also be charged for all advertisers/sponsors.


  1. All cancellations must be received in writing.

  1. Cancellations must be received in writing and incur a cancellation fee of 50% if received 90 days before the event starts.

  1. No refund can be given if the exhibitor or sponsorship of the event is cancelled within 90 days of the event starting.

  1. New Wine reserve the right to cancel an organisation’s booking at any time, before and during the event, and is not responsible for any losses.