Art Workshops

Art Workshops is a space for adults to create, learn and worship through art. There are a range of workshops throughout the week from Bible journaling to print making. We also offer an art drop in space for those who want to do their own thing.!

If you have experience of running arts workshops or creative spaces, or perhaps you just love art, we would love to have you on this team!

As with most teams, you’ll get a free ticket to the event (except for the £25 fee that covers admin and all meals); you will need to provide your own accommodation (either on or off site).


Expectation for team members

Those who volunteer for New Wine teams at United do so based on their Christian profession and way of life. As a team volunteer, your conduct on site is expected to be consistent with New Wine’s ethos and understanding of the teaching of the New Testament.

Part of New Wine’s ethos is our adherence to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) basis of faith and in submitting your team application you are acknowledging your acceptance to do the same.

Information about teams and how to apply